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The Freedom Discovered Through Fitness

The Freedom Discovered Through Fitness

Fitness can teach you about much more than just eating right and conditioning your body. Through fitness you can discover a new sense of freedom that you may not have previously realized.

Through fitness you discover the freedom of taking your health into your own hands.It teaches you how to stop disease before it happens. It teaches you about maintaining your own inner balance.

By setting and…

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Nutritional Upgrade: Pizza

Pizza is delicious. It is there with its cheesy temptation at many social gatherings and whenever we are too lazy to cook for ourselves. However, nutritionally it isn’t the best. We typically eat it from pre-packaged frozen dinners or from the pre-packaged frozen dinners cooked professionally by delivery services. They usually have crust with similar ingredients as the cardboard box it was…

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The Types of People You See at the Gym

The Types of People You See at the Gym

The Hot Chick:Hot chicks can typically be spotted on the elliptical or getting toned with 3-5 lb. weights (they don’t want to get bulky). You occasionally also find them in yoga or the trendy workout class of the moment. Most of their fitness advice came from Cosmopolitan magazine or whatever the latest celebrity craze is. They usually wear expensive gym outfits from places like Lulu Lemon and…

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The Basics of Blending

The Basics of Blending

Blending is a great way to eat healthy food without doing a lot of work. I can usually make a smoothie at breakfast faster than it takes for my coffee to brew. There are plenty of options when it comes to blending and really you can put almost anything in one and consume in liquid form. Blending is also really fun for drinking alcohol in a way that you can pretend is healthy, I’ll leave you to…

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Trust and Control

I think that there is a link between trust and control. I think control is often used as a stress response to fear of uncertainty and distrust towards the world. That said, some people seem to respond with apathy, they emotionally hide under a rock. There are also people who seem to get obsessed with self-control and others who seem to get obsessed with controlling the external world.

I think…

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How to Know When it is Time to Begin Your Skinny Ever After

How to Know When it is Time to Begin Your Skinny Ever After

Deciding I was done losing weight was an anxiety ridden process for me. I had never kept my weight stable in my entire life and been happy about it. Not to mention all the panic I had about what would happen when I stopped dieting after working my ass of to lose weight (literally) for 18 months. Having been maintaining for a year now, I think it is safe to say my world did not end and I did not…

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I think one of the most important qualities to have is self-compassion. For me this means striving towards the best version of myself but also being in acceptance of where I currently am. I think it is a quality that is needed to be resilient and truly confident in yourself. It has to come from the inside, not from external validation. I think people that haven’t developed this tend to sense…

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Are you just eating because you’re bored?

Are you just eating because you’re bored?

The Grinch

The Grinch

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t recreationally eat from time to time? Eating is fun. Food is awesome and very few things in this world can provide that kind of instant pleasure. However, if we aren’t careful things can get out of hand. Telling you not to eat when you are bored would be unreasonable. But here are some ways to get a handle on your boredom.

Do something less boring: If you…

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Healthy Eating on a Budget

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Food costs money and eating healthy can be expensive. There are many factors that contribute to this, some examples being the distribution of agricultural subsidiesand that processed foods typically have a longer shelf life. That said, disease and healthcare also cost money and eating a healthy diet is a key factor in preventing a variety of chronic illnesses. Money aside, a…

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